SPOKEN JEFAS: Val & Gelly | If there’s a heart, there’s a way!

SPOKEN JEFAS: Val & Gelly | If there’s a heart, there’s a way!

A special letter from your favorite dynamic duo to you, but first let’s take a trip down memory lane… 


We went from dreaming of creating a place where women could come and shop with intention and leave our digital storefront feel confident in their own skin to successfully launching Posh Palma Styles in June and surpassing anything we could’ve ever dreamt of because we not only created a lifestyle brand but more importantly a community filled with women who were ready to empower, uplift and support one another.


The year of learnings. This year we were able to shift our business model from being a marketplace to designing our own private label, created, designed and curated in the Dominican Republic, nuestra bella tierra, la Quisqueya. On the other hand, our social media channels became an outlet, an avenue for us to show up authentically and unapologetically. #JEFATALKS was also born, an IG live series and a space dedicated to highlighting dope women doing dope things in the community.

And 2022 is the year we continue to show up for you and our community!

We wanted to share a few key lessons learned from our dear 2021, hope something along the way inspires you, motivates you, and drives you to take the next step and believe in those dreams, because at the end of the day none of us have it all figured out, Jefas. 

1- Follow your passion

  • When we chose to launch Posh Palma Styles, we looked to each other and made a list of what that ideal day would look like, what the business would looks like 10 years from now with our ideal roles and then we used reverse engineering and decided to start building, by first doing what we love, tapping into our calling and our divine gifts. 

2- Expect Failure

  • We have decided to not look at those “not so good moments” as failures, but instead embrace them as key learnings on what not to do next time around. Remember when you were learning to ride a bike, and we fell over and over again, but each time we would go a little further, until one day we were riding with no support. If it wasn’t for all those falls on that bike, the day we accomplished it without support wouldn’t have felt so damn good. The failures only add sazon to your story.

3- Trust Yourself

  • It’s been so hard for us to fully understand how capable we are and that we are worth so much more than we often believe. Women are a divine spiritual being, we have what we call intuition, and we have created the space to sit in with ourselves, reflect on things and situations, make lists to debate if we should do something or not, but there's something called taking the leap and trusting yourself and your abilities to simply do the thing we fear. 

4- Never stop Creating

  • Naturally we are born creators. From the moment we are able to do things with our hands and feet, utilize our sensory skills we are able to imagine, explore and create with no judgement. The beauty in being in our industry is that we serve through various creative outlets, we create the spaces where we are able to nurture our creativity as a form of self expression. When you are in a serene space, the creative juices simply flow- find that place and roll with it. 

5- Surround yourself with Community

  • This was by far the most important of them all. There were many days where we would question ourselves, is this the right move, are we in the right place, does this look good… etc. and what always, time and time again would happen is that God would perform his magic and we would receive a message, an email, a text, a like, a follow or a comment from someone in our community letting us know that what we are creating matters, that people felt inclusive and heard, beautiful and confident and that is worth GOLD. 

This year we pledge to have fun, to bring you collections with purpose and soul, host conversations that become an inspiration for you to follow those dreams, and provide resources and guidance to kick start whatever project fuels your soul.


Meet us somewhere between The Sun and Las Palmas.

Con Amor,

Val & Gelly



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