Roxanna Sarmiento: COO/Partner of WeAllGrow Latina & Creative Writer

Roxanna Sarmiento: COO/Partner of WeAllGrow Latina & Creative Writer
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand?  
My name is Roxanna Sarmiento, and I'm a person — not a brand! I've done many things and worn many hats, but mostly these days I work with words and help select clients get people to take action via clear strategy and persuasive copy.
 I love helping people be free + creative. 
I've worked with everyone from huge companies to startups but in the end nothing beats writing directly to you.
  • How has your culture and heritage influenced your journey as a Jefa Entrepreneur? 
Well, I'm a bicultural American with deep Dominican and Colombian roots — I grew up in Santo Domingo and then moved to Miami for high school — so my personal heritage is a blend of Latin cultures, and I am proud of that mix. It gives me a lot of perspective and keeps me from falling into the trap of making myself small in order to fit in a box. I'm a lot of things and proud of that. 
  • How do you nurture your creative spirit and mind when you're facing creative blocks? 
I feed my creativity by consuming art: I love reading and I love museums of all kinds. During the pandemic, I find inspiration by walking and being in nature, especially the beach. 
  • What do you love the most about the work you do? 
One of the reasons I love writing is that creative life is a lot of fun!
Living creatively has introduced me to talented people from all over the world and taken me from debating the merits of bake sales in the New York Times to going undercover in southeast Asia on behalf of an NGO to who knows what's next.
I know that following your creative dreams will bring more of what you love into your life as well.
  • What can we expect to see from your brand this new year? 
I really love writing directly to my readers via my newsletter ( — it's such an intimate medium and I see myself spending more time getting to know my readers and sharing myself there. I don't feel the need to feed the social media beast anymore :) 
  • What does being a Jefa mean to you?
It means being a woman who is unapologetic about what she wants out of life.
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