Camilla Barcan: CEO & Founder of Camilla Limón

Camilla Barcan: CEO & Founder of Camilla Limón
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand? 
I am a 24-year-old Jewelry Designer, based in the Sunshine State, dedicated to empowering all. 
I was born and raised in Philadelphia, in a multicultural household, have always been inspired by the power of words. I started Camilla Limón when I was 8 years old with the bead kit boxes at Michael’s, selling at a small table at my mom’s booths at local Craft Fairs in our community. 
I sold on Etsy, through e-commerce throughout high school and found my niche in customizable, metal jewelry in college when I joined a sorority. I studied Design & Merchandising and Marketing, learning the skills I needed to take the company on full time when I graduated in 2019. I moved to South Florida that Fall and have been slowly building, growing, and learning ever since! 
Being an entrepreneur gives me the ability to empower women worldwide, through my designs and a growing community that inspires young Latina girls to start their business at any age. 


  • How has your culture and heritage influenced your journey as a Jefa Entrepreneur? 

My family has inspired everything that I do. So many tios and tias are entrepreneurs themselves, and I grew up with my mom and aunts building their own clothing company. 
Through the pandemic, we were able to give back to Peru and have been donating PPE to a small community in Lambayeque. The feeling of being able to give back and help, especially during this hard time has created a new meaning and mission for Camilla Limón. 


  • What is the inspiration behind your brand and doing what you love? 
My inspiration comes from the growing community we are building at Camilla Limón. The dreamers, who like me, are following their dreams, no matter how hard it may be. I draw my inspiration through the power of words and the stories my clients share with me of the strength they drew from our designs! 


  • If your brand had a personality who would it be? Why? 
My brand is a dreamer. Someone who does not give up, who draws inspiration from inspiring others, and who creates their own light. Camilla Limón is brave, empowering, and strong. She gives to her community by being unapologetically herself, even if she needs to wear a twinkling reminder on her wrist, she knows she will get through anything. 


  • How do you nurture your creative spirit and mind when you're facing creative blocks? 
    TAKE A BREAK. This is so hard, as it is very easy to be hard on yourself, especially with friends who are in different industries and power through their workdays. It makes you feel lazy! But it is soo important to nurture that creative brain and be patient with it!
    Going on walks and journaling are also incredibly nurturing habits, that help me create and build my ideas, especially when I am in a rut. If I am feeling exceptionally “lazy” I start working on other, non-creative tasks to feel like I have accomplished something. 

    • What do you love the most about the work you do? 
      The people that I reach. No question. The stories I hear from my clients about the meaning behind their custom pieces or the mantras that push them through business meetings, terrifying exams, and personal life moments, make my entire journey worth it! 
      I love being able to create a community, no rules, just passion, and the belief that there are other women out there who are searching for a space to grow. 


      • What can we expect to see from your brand this new year?
        Growth. Growth in our community. Growth in content. Growth in our network. Growth in products (hopefully some innovative ones). Growth in empowerment. Growth in our team. Growth. 


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